----------------------------ComTech Services------------------------- Product Design Engineer---------- James Yang@98393338

Free Remote Assistance for our PC /  Laptop

( During Warranty Period )

Instruction for the assistance

1)  Download the following file    ( Ammy Admin 36..zip )     to your PC/laptop

2) Extract the file

3) Look for     Ammy Admin 36..zip

4) Double click the file  "   Ammy Admin 36..zip   "

5) A screen box will pop-up 

6) Look at the left column   (  Client. Wait for session  ) ,  look for the   "    Your ID     "

7) Record down the "  Your ID  " number

8) Call me at  98393338 , tell me the ID nos.

9) Remote Assistance will take over and perform the  repairs ..

10) Remote Assistance will be free for all the PC / Laptop purchased from us during the warranty period ,        Subject to minor problem .

11)  If is OS problem and Virus problem ,  remote assistance will not able to work .

Additional Service and charge

     If the above Remote Assistance cannot resolve the problem   , The problem will be classified as major and site visit will be needed.

     Transport and Service  charge will be applied . Subject to the nature of the problem . 

     PC / Laptop within the warranty period cover free carry-in  and hardware problem .

     Software problem ,  OS corrupted and Virus problem will be chargeable .

     For others , Remote Assistance will be charge at $45/hour .

Ammy Admin 36.zip Ammy Admin 36.zip
Size : 395.797 Kb
Type : zip

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